Access Control

Open Sesame

From campuses to large corporations across the globe, building security depends on access control systems. With many people coming and going throughout the day, card readers have to stand up to a high volume of swipes, not to mention nature’s cruelest elements.

That’s where the Brush Industries difference kicks in. Our standard ISO and long life magnetic heads, along with our Sidewinder magnetic stripe readers, are the reliable and durable solutions that facilities need to maintain safe, monitored access control.

A Gate Has Been Lifted

  • Ultra long life magnetic heads outlast even the highest volume of transactions for buildings that receive significant access traffic.
  • For low volume applications that still need reliable technology, our standard ISO magnetic heads are an economical solution and come with all the necessary cables and mountings.
  • With exposure to water, dust and even vandals, our Sidewinder magnetic stripe reader is impenetrable, providing consistent, safe performance.

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