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ISO Magnetic Heads for POS

Designed specifically for point of sale ID1 magnetic stripe cards, these heads can read tracks 1, 2 and 3 and are available in full size or low profile configurations.


Reduce the need for external electronics with our ISO standard Digihead magnetic head - with built-in analog to digital converter.

Low Profile Magnetic Heads

Need the same strength signal in a smaller package? Our low profile standard magnetic heads are great for small POS applications like smartphones, kiosks, vending, gaming and tablets.

MICR Magnetic Heads

Our ISO and ABA standard MICR magnetic heads are used for magnetic ink applications and perform reliable operation for long periods of time with low self-noise levels. Available in CMC7 and E13B Fonts. Meets ABA, ISO standards.


  • Reliable, Cost Effective Magnetic Heads for POS
    Reliable, Cost Effective Magnetic Heads for POS

    Our ISO standard magnetic heads are proven designs for reading tracks 1, 2 and 3 on ID1 magstripe cards.

  • Full Assemblies, Custom Mountings and Cabling
    Full Assemblies, Custom Mountings and Cabling

    We can supply virtually any configuration you need, including rails, mounts, cables, terminations, and full assemblies.

  • US & European MICR Formats
    US & European MICR Formats

    Our heads provide reliable reading of E-13B fonts or CMC-7 MICR fonts and are ISO and ABA standard.

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