Magnetic Heads


Brush Industries has decades of experience designing and building both read and write capable magnetic heads. We are the OEM magnetic head manufacturer for virtually all transit systems worldwide, and also supply standard ISO magnetic heads, MICR heads, DigiHeads™, and PCI Encrypted heads. Many of our designs are engineered to be low profile to work in mobile devices. Brush Industries is also a leading supplier of long life heads for high speed card encoding systems.

Card Readers for Harsh Environments

Brush Industries'  Sidewinder™ magstripe readers are built for the long run, and can withstand any element life throws at them, whether water, high or low temperatures or heavy humidity. Long-life features include water and dust proof sealed electronics, and a hardened aluminum vandal resistant case. Our card readers are specifically designed for outdoor applications such as car washes, parking decks, access control and unattended kiosks.

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