About Us

We Make Transactions Happen

Brush Industries manufactures all types of magnetic read and write heads for the payments and ID markets. Our specialty is making them work better and longer. Over the years, we’ve developed proprietary materials and processes to ensure our products perform remarkably well, even under the harshest environments. Brush has a broad range of expertise to help make your products more reliable, durable and cost effective. We are the company that makes your credit card, ID card, driver’s license, passport or subway ticket work.

Brush is the OEM magnetic head manufacturer on many of the public transit systems worldwide, which are some of the most unforgiving environments for electronics. Millions of transactions every day are processed using our products. In addition, Brush also, manufactures the world's only (patented) waterproof credit card reader. Chances are, if you’ve swiped your credit card in a self-serve bay at a car wash, you’ve used a Brush waterproof reader. This is just another example of our “make it tough ‒ make it last” credo.

Brush also assists companies outside our traditional markets such as contract manufacturing for medical, electronics, defense and aerospace industries. Our products range from small electromechanical assemblies and precision machined parts (we work in the .0005) and assemblies to larger components for a variety of industries, always with an eye for making them more reliable and durable.

Brush has facilities in the US and China and independent representation all over the world. Brush Industries and its sister company Q-Card, are two of the most trusted names in the payments transaction market. Brush’s future is looking to the new technologies related to the implementation of EMV here in the U.S. such as NFC, BLE, MPOS and related transaction technologies.

Brush Industries can help you. Call 570-286-5611.