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Brush Industries has experience with a wide range of transaction technologies.

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Extreme Technology

Supermium, Hypermium, ceramic coatings, CoMoly, and other proprietary Brush technologies enable our magnetic heads to be the most durable and reliable in the industry.

Unmatched Reliability

Brush Industries' decades of experience are built into our magnetic heads. We design and manufacture our magnetic heads from our Pennsylvania facility for transit authorities, card manufacturers, personalization bureaus and many other companies around the world.

Capacity to Outlast

Our long life products are designed to outlast even the highest volume of transactions in the harshest environments. From underground subway system turnstiles to high speed encoding equipment, Brush Industries heads just work.


  • Specialized Technologies
    Specialized Technologies

    Our long-life coatings deliver consistent and predictable wear rates, so you can keep transactions moving.
    • Ceramic Coating
    • CoMoly
    • Supermium┬«
    • Hypermium┬«
    • MuMetal

  • Refurbishing & Relapping Services
    Refurbishing & Relapping Services

    A cost-effective alternative to buying new magnetic heads, we can remanufacture your existing heads so they work like new again.

  • Custom Design and Engineered Options
    Custom Design and Engineered Options

    Unique applications require unique capabilities. We can help design, engineer and manufacture long-life heads for top performance in your application.

  • Full Assemblies, Custom Mounting & Cable Assemblies
    Full Assemblies, Custom Mounting & Cable Assemblies

    Brush has extensive experience with providing both the magnetic head plus cables, connectors, terminations and rails.

Why Brush Industries?


Our heads process millions of swipes every day.


Brush Industries is the #1 supplier of choice to the world's leading transaction companies.


Historically tough, our heads have decades of experience in the world's toughest environments.

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