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Analog to Digital - Right in the Head

An analog to digital converter built right into the magnetic head saves you space and money by reducing the need for external electronics.

Digiheads Your Way

Digiheads can read 1, 2 or all 3 standard ISO card tracks, and custom mountings, cabling, flex leads and termination are available.

Small Package, Full Strength Signal

Our Digiheads output a clean, noise-free, full-strength TTL signal, ensuring compatibility and reliability.


  • Compatible with Existing Designs
    Compatible with Existing Designs

    Drop-in replacement design for use in existing POS and swipe reader applications.

  • Perfect for Mobile Applications and Smartphone Integration
    Perfect for Mobile Applications and Smartphone Integration

    Because the Digihead combines the magnetic head, cables and A2D converter inside the head itself, it can be used for mobile applications where space and weight are a premium.

  • Reads Standard ISO Magstripe Cards
    Reads Standard ISO Magstripe Cards

    Reliable, secure reading of standard ID1 cards in a smaller, digital package.

Why Brush Industries?

Millions of Swipes

Our magnetic heads reliably process millions of swipes every day - in environments from shopping malls to the most abusive conditions that weather, dirt, grime and high traffic can throw at them.

#1 Supplier

Brush is the #1 supplier of choice to the world's leading transit authorities, and manufacturers of POS equipment, high speed card encoders, desktop printers, MICR readers, smartphone and mobile device integrators, and anywhere reliable reading of magnetic stripes is needed.

Decades of Leadership

Historically the leader in durability and toughness, our magnetic heads have decades of experience in the world's toughest environments. Our engineered solutions go beyond just the magnetic head and provide a complete package that ensures a reliable transaction for our customers.

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