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Durable Vandal Resistant Design

Our SideWinder magstripe card readers are enclosed in a hardened aluminum case - perfect for extreme environments.

Bulletproof Reliability

Sealed electronics and a patented design - without moving parts - make the SideWinder waterproof, and dust-proof to IEC 60529 - IP67 standards. This standard ensures the SideWinder's sealed design is resistant to any damage from dust and grit, and has been tested to operate in wet, humid conditions and immersion in water to a depth of one meter.

Drop-In Replacement to Existing Readers

The SideWinder can replace many IDTech, Magtek, Hamilton, and IBC models of card readers.*

* Brush Industries and the SideWinder credit card reader are not associated with or endorsed by IDTech, Magtek, Hamilton or IBC. All names and products mentioned above are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and manufacturers. Not all readers can be replaced. Contact us for details about your specific reader model.


  • Everything You Need For Reliable Card Reading
    Everything You Need For Reliable Card Reading

    • Voltage Regulation - Brownout Circuitry Protection*
    • Programmable RISC Chip Architecture
    • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Protection*
    • Built-in Noise Protection
    • Power Supply Flexibility
    * Available on TTL Models

  • Sealed Electronics
    Sealed Electronics

    A patented design enables the SideWinder to have completely sealed electronics and no moving parts - making it water, dust, vibration and humidity proof.

  • Designed for Long Life
    Designed for Long Life

    Our readers are built for the long run, and can withstand any elements your application throws at them - water, high or low temperatures or heavy humidity. Long-life features include:
    • Sealed electronics
    • Hardened aluminum vandal resistant case
    • Water and dust resistance

  • Reads Standard ISO 1, 2 or 3 Track Cards
    Reads Standard ISO 1, 2 or 3 Track Cards

    Reliable and secure reading of ISO magnetic stripe cards in environments where other card readers just don't work.

  • Lots of Choices
    Lots of Choices

    The SideWinder is made to fit your application, whether it's a new or existing reader:
    • USB
    • RS232
    • TTL

Why Brush Industries?


Sealed electronics and a patented design with no moving parts ensures the SideWinder is water, dust and humidity proof.


Dustproof to IEC 60529 IP67 standards.

Field Proven

The SideWinder is used in car washes, parking garages and decks, exterior door access, kiosks, vending equipment and many other extreme environments.

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