Design Guide 4 - Magnetic Stripe Card ISO Standards

The track formats used in this document are based on ISO Standards, however, other formats may be used. Contact your card issuer for your exact requirements.

Dimensions - Financial Transaction Cards

ISO 7810 Identification Cards - Physical Characteristics
  7811-1 Embossing
  7811-2 Magnetic stripe - low coercivity
  7811-3 Location of embossed characters on ID-1 cards
  7811-6 Magnetic stripe - high coercivity
  7813 Financial transaction cards
For copies of specifications, contact:
American National Standards Institute
11 West 42nd Street, NY NY 10036
(212) 642-4900

Magnetic Stripe Encoding - Financial Transaction Cards

Card Data Format - Track 1

Card Data Format - Track 2

Card Data Format - Track 3

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